16.05.08 - 05.07.08

"The Wall", 2007, acrylic on canvas, 130 Χ 120 cm

In his works, Devetzis moves within two thematic directions. The first aims towards the search of inner truth in scenes borrowed from snapshots of our everyday history, from which any kind of action is absent. In these works, the artist imprints on canvas, middle-aged persons, who possibly are in the borders of social failure. A middle-aged man is trying to move out from the frame as if the painting is a photographic "instantane"; Someone else is contemplating facing the internal void; A third one pushes himself against a white wall. In any case the artist portrays them with tenderness, searching for the poetry of the evanescent. The second direction consists of works that inscribe anastochastically on today's reality works-references, known form the history of art. The comparison of the "innocent eroticism" of the young barwoman in the "Bar in Folies-Bergeres" by Edouard Manet. The silent desperation of the shipwrecked persons, in the absence of any witnesses, in the "Medusa" by Theodore Gericault. The multiple "spaces within the space of the studio", which constitute a basic theme for Rene Magritte. He does not hesitate even to refer to contemporary artists that interest him, like the German photographer Loretta Lux. The artist seems to be searching for the important within the trivial, creating a painting that often discusses with the great moments of metier.

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