27.03.08 - 10.05.08

"Landscape 6", 2007, Inkjet print, 22,5 Χ 30 cm, Ed. of 5

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In these images, Theodoropoulos focuses on his personal space. Memories of his family's history and of his youth surface through details of everyday life. The remains of cheese after breakfast, the worn-out leg of the family's table on the mosaic floor, the pile of bed sheets after waking up. He leaves these small pieces without aesthetical repairs. In essence, every image is a self-portrait in the traditional sense. The whole is always absent, because the artist wishes to stay away from the descriptive. The approach of Theodoropoulos is very similar to that of John Coplans, despite the different subject, and the photographer consciously adds to the series he presents in AD Gallery, two images of his father's aged body, by way of landscape. Behind each of his photographs, his wish to go deep into the past, like Alice that passes to the other side of the looking glass and to be lost in the dream emerges. It looks as though he is searching out to become another person in another place, in another life, in the place of his childhood. He challenges the idealistic perception of the upper-class aesthetics of space, which creates the dominant model for perfection and well-being, subsidizing a realistic attribution of the familiar, through the impression of details of the lower-class influence on the formation of his surroundings. His aim is not to disillusion, but rather, to provoke the reflection that searches for greater truths and darker realms. His images refer to a vulnerable, but at the same time strong world. For Theodoropoulos, photography constitutes a terrain of pursuit of human experience and identity. One could, finally, say that his images flirt superficially with elements of psychoanalysis.

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