06.02.08 - 22.03.08

Exhibition view

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In this exhibition Karakatsanis presents a series of paintings on aluminium, two photographs and a sculpture. The artist explores the issue of construction of the image via specific re-interpretations of the history of modernist art. The painting on the surface of specially elaborated aluminium sheets seems to be attributing abstract musical harmonies through the aesthetics of the minimal object, while constitutes at the same time a realistic representation of the fleeting play between light and shade on the window curtains or next to them. Karakatsanis attempts to give, through the means of the techniques of photorealism, the vagueness in the sense of lines, of size and of depth, asking for an open reading of the image. His painting seems to be bridging the chasm between the dreamlike and the real, between the specific and the abstract. In his photographic 'Portraits' digitally deforms part of the image, borrowing the mechanisms of "cubistic" view. The sculpture entitled 'Togetrher' reminds us of the magic box of the magician. The difference lies in that the particular box was designed for two people. The sculpture lies on the section/ ground plan of a small house, which is imprinted on the floor with gold-dust. With this work the artist comments on the fragility of human relations.
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