06.02.08 - 22.03.08

Exhibition view

Ntonef presents a series of large drawings, on of which covers on whole wall of the gallery. Ntonef's work circles around drawing and narration. While keeping the freedom of a small child, who draws what he would like to be narrated to him and the knowledge he acquired at the School of Fine Arts, Ntonef composes large paintings-drawings on a canvas which is made from affixed pages of the yellow pages or other old books, which combine the image with the word. His painting narratives, in this way, become detached from the environment of an affected innocence in order to be placed among the social context. The archetypical character and the naivety of his painting language mix up with the images of mass culture, creating an interesting artistic writing. In the artist's works the narration of the history of industrial society- the large number of the pages taken from the yellow pages speak for that-, that of a childish expectation and the narration of art cannot be separated from each other.

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