10.10.07- 24.11.07

"Gymnasium, Zappeion Lycee", 2006, Lambda print, 50 Χ 62,5 cm, Ed. of 5

The narrations of the route of persons or societies, always offered a redemptive and grandiosely melancholic version of human adventure. The destination is the illusion of the traveler, as an individual or collective subject. However, if the "historical national course" is, from this point of view, a non-place, on whose ground today's Greek society acquires substance, the attributes of the course are from every aspect existing: the composed landscape.

Paris Petridis explores the creation of our collective conscience. He photographs internal spaces from the schools of the diminishing Hellenism in Istanbul provoking the surfacing of mental images that seem to be out of time, transitory stage of the illusion that the historical course produces. These internal landscapes constitute, finally, something more than snapshots of History; they are the traces of an encounter.

Petridis composes, in this way, an allusive, fragmentary and associative anthropography. He impresses a route made from temporary traces left behind by the historic courses, the losses and the conscientious interventions of the collective subject in the transience of the Landscape. He submerges to the very core of the paradox of the transference. Because the geographical components of the road are visible only when the journey has already been internalized and only the unimportant seems to be the mental association of the traveler and the lapsus of the Landscape.

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