28.02.07 - 21.04.07

Untitled, 02.01.2007, Digital Chromogenic Fugicolor Crystal Archive print, 128 X 159 cm, Ed. of 5

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On the 2 levels of the gallery 14 colour pictures of the city are presented. Markou is not interested in documenting the cityscape but in the interactive relationship between the city and the people who live and work in it. However, in the majority of the pictures there are no people and in those they appear, it is on a very small scale in relation to the surrounding area. It is exactly because the artist is not interested in incorporating the identity- portrait of the person into the picture but in his/her action on site, that the narration which is created has nothing to do with the film.

Markou is investigating the city's aesthetic in the quality of life and the organization of labour. Thus, a part of the images consists of locations of mass employment (airports, ports, customs).

Since the importance of the sentimental state of the person is overlooked, the photographs of Markou constitute a subjective tour on the borders of Greek urban environment. His photographic vision renegotiates the landscape transforming it from a part of a narration into episodes of a human story. The frame evokes a feeling of calmness, the calmness that follows understanding. From this side of view, the way in which Markou entitles his works is significant: - either by giving geographical details or the date the picture was taken. The picture bares only one indication, which with its archival simplicity, signals the path of the artist in the knowledge of the "invisible" sides of the city.

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