25.01.06 - 11.03.06

"Stefani", 2005, c-print, 128 Χ 161 cm, Ed. of 3+1 a.p.


In his first solo exhibition, Vassilis Polichronakis presents 14 large-scale photographs, dating from 2002 until 2005.

Polichronakis is interested in the development of the individual's behavior within both the private and the urban environment. On the one hand, the individual forms his domestic space through his cultural, class and aesthetic references. On the other hand, private space, as a compressed reflection of social and cultural patterns, influences the individual's psychological state, while at the same time, functions as the privileged space of concentration and preparation of his effort towards personal satisfaction and social inclusion.

Polichronakis stages the images he photographs. The emerging scenarios are abstract, based on fragmented narrations originating either from everyday life or from a dream. The outcome of this fusion may be interpreted in various ways.

His characters are drifting in time, following a route that commences from the "non-time" of wearisome moments and reaches the compressed culmination of the crisis. The action of the hero could be very close to the moment of the photographic shoot and, at the same time, too far away.

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