30.11.05 - 21.01.06

Untitled, 2002-'05, from the series "Unborderville", c-print on aluminum, 160 X 125 cm, Ed. of 3+1 a.p.


At her 4th solo exhibition Dimitra Lazaridou presents night and day images of the rear views of the sheds of transportation companies at the Athens river of Kifissos, alongside images of the interiors of the Athens university campus.

Lazaridou depicts the urban environment omitting the human presence. Dark substitutes this absence, giving it shape (Gestalt). The concealed, the obscured, the withdrawn are reinstated. This mood is further enhanced by the unnaturally incorporated flora, seeming to anguish for a way out, as well as by the cigarette-ends that mark the departure of the students from the university campus.

Lazaridou exposes spaces that borrow no glamour whatsoever from the everyday lifestyle, where people work deprived of any individual hope; spaces of the peculiar louben fringe of the working class and the students, that restore the political viewpoint of the artist into focus.

For the construction of her image, Lazaridou extends beyond the simple observation of reality; she fills in the gap between the camera and the photographed space through her own personal position. Thus, the viewer becomes part of her veracity and is required to seek for the relation between the exterior of the building and the state of the workers within.

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