18.05.11 - 16.07.11

Untitled, 2007, Inkjet print on fine art paper, 60 X 48,7 cm, Ed. of 5


On the 18th of May 2011 opens the 5th solo show of Yiannis Theodoropoulos.

In his pictures Theodoropoulos continues, as in his previous shows, to focus in his personal space groping his personal voyage and the mechanisms that constitute oneself through small daily stories of indolence and boredom, dead-end boyish dreams and often humourously-veiled sadness.

 His photographs depict in a monumental way stacks of untidy clothes on furniture with the exception of the dress of the mother that leans with care on an empty chair. The familiar space includes the enclosed but also the protected character of the greenhouse (the main subject of his 1st solo show in AD gallery in 1999), the narration nevertheless engages with the history of art bringing back the discourse on the relation of the sculpture and the pedestal. Each picture of his is a selfportrait, since the key here is not what is depicted but what is implied.

Theodoropoulos obsessively seeks to maintain the moment and the wondering in the space of personnal experience, like Alice in Wonderland who goes through the other side of the mirror in order to loose herself in a world of dream.

His pictures refer to a fragile world which however remains at the same time powerful. Photography for Theodoropoulos constitutes a field of research for human experience andidentity. We could, after all, say that his pictures are slightly flirtatious with aspects of psychoanalysis and aim towards reflection and exploration of greater truths and darker kingdoms.

The exhibition lasts until 16 July

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