MARIA LOIZIDOU | The pattern of 4+1 asphyxiascapes

19.11.11 - 14.01.12

"The pattern of 4+1 asphyxiascapes", 2011, installation, mixed media, dimensions variable




On the first floor of the gallery are exhibited a series of drawings with pencil. The place, the historical path and society today are present all at the same time throughout the work of Loizidou. The dolls she created towards the late 80s - forms somewhere between children’s dolls, their appropriation by Hans Bellmer and ancient figurines - became in 2003 headless female bodies made of fabric that resist with a kind of mute dignity to the impact of reality and interact with the humanist tradition of art of the 20th century. The forms of her sculptures then slipped into paper and inhabited with their thick black pencil writing familiar spaces in the series of works entitled Asphyxiascapes. In the works of this exhibition, Loizidou crosses the social and cultural references of her past work with her sculptural forms and the bold writing of her drawings.

On the second floor of the gallery the artist presents an installation. On one side there is a dark room and on the other a small work on the wall that depicts the interior of a room of some urban household, probably on the outskirts of Rome. The windows and the door of the house stand bright open in the sunny garden where one can distinguish ancient columns. This ancient game of light and darkness, of the inner and the outside world, of the deadlock condition of hope is the theme of Loizidou’ s entire installation. One side of the room contains a boxed opening "built" with paper bricks. Although the gateway to the outside is blocked from our gaze, the light penetrates the paper material allowing some hope.

Show Duration: 19 November 2011 – 14 January 2012

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