FANI SOFOLOGI | Intimate Coasters

23.01.12 - 29.02.12

“Unique Poster”, 2011-12, neon pens, glitter glue and blood on paper, 112 X 76 cm


Fani Sofologi presents a series of drawings on paper, which has emerged from a creative process of solitary performances in the studio without spectators. At a first stage, Sofologi through a process of mental introspection, introduces her liberated feelings on the paper with no inhibitions, conscious control or filtering of the gesture. At this stage, she uses her bodily fluids as witnesses – bearers of the mental state she is in. By using blood and tears as raw material as well as by the ripping, rubbing and crumpling of the paper, she translates these feelings into an aggressive and at the same time mentally discharging energy. The disastrous attack on the paper surface is followed by a second stage; that of the restoration and caring cover-up of the violent action with the controlled gesture of drawing and adding colour. The artist proceeds at this phase to the restoration of the work, by masking through drawing the “wounds” and by decorating the works using glitter and intense, happy colours.
By observing Sofologi’s drawings, the viewer according to his personal experiences, reproduces in his thought the secret, personal performance of the artist, which he has never seen. Initially, the final result offers him an experience in inverse relation to how the work began being created, misleading him with the decorative use of the materials. However, as the viewer continues to observe, he discovers moments of anger and aggressiveness together with other relapsing actions coming into view through a colourful “mist”.  

Duration: January 23rd  – February 29th, 2012

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