24.09.2014 - 08.11.2014

"Family Photos I", 2014, 5 unique photos, 28 X 75 cm


Yiannis Theodoropoulos is a special case in contemporary Greek photography. In the images he presents in his 6th solo show the artist continues, as in his previous shows, to focus on the interior of his home, palpitating his personal path and the formation mechanisms of the Ego through small everyday stories identified with the peculiarities of his family: the ones of his father, his mother, his godmother etc. It is as if these stories of the people close to him, who have now passed away, have left their traces and their hidden meaning within the house where he grew up and the artist draws them in order to present them to us, often, through a veiled humorous sadness. As befits to images of memory, youth indolence and deadlock boyish dreams.

From the greenhouses of his first exhibition to the landscapes-details of his father’s body and the last works, his photographs constitute sites of absence, of memory. Theodoropoulos makes this element evident by photographing his mother’s dress lying on the armchair where she used to sit. In the triptych where his father is being depicted, the dimensions of each image are so small that the person cannot be read clearly. For the photographer the truth lies in maintaining the moment rather than in capturing a more universal story.

As we have mentioned in a previous show of his, his wandering in the area of personal experience looks like the story of Alice who passes on the other side of the mirror to get lost in the dream world. Besides, his shows actually always constitute a self-portrait in the form of installation. The individual photos are none other than pieces serving the final image. In his previous exhibition the artist did not hesitate to show again similar images to those presented in previous exhibitions, precisely because he needed them for the creation of this self-portrait.  

Exhibition duration: September 24 – November 8, 2014
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