SU-MEI TSE | A Certain Lightness

05.04.2017 - 15.07.2017

"Gewisse Rahmenbedingungen 3 (A Certain Frame Work 3 ), Altes Museum Berlin, Villa Farnesina, Villa Adriana", 2017, video installation, 3 flat screens, ed. of 1/3 + 1 a.p. (Exhibition view at AD Gallery)

AD Gallery presents the fourth solo show of Su-Mei Tse in Athens on the gallery’s 2nd floor.

The exhibition entitled “A Certain Lightness” is composed of the projection of three different videos taken in front of historical places in Europe: the Altes Museum in Berlin, Villa Farnesina in Rome and Villa Adriana in Tivoli.
Su-Mei Tse is inspired by historical references and traces of history. In 2014 she was selected for the residency of the French Academy in Rome at Villa Medici. During the first months of her stay there, she was overwhelmed by the beauty and the historical weight of the Eternal City’s monuments. A kind of weight that can slow down or even brake an artist’s creativity. It makes the artist wonder: what could his/her work add or express next to this presence. In a way, he/she then experiences a kind of gap.
Su-Mei Tse has found a way to play with this struggle. In the movement of a crystal ball manipulated by a juggler, the images of the buildings appear upside-down, as a clear reflection within the ball, creating a contrast between the buildings themselves and the blurred colors and shapes within the floating sphere.
By letting the reflection of history dance, this work is a hymn to the past through the present’s breath. It confronts the question of how to make sense of legacy and calls for a new perspective, an inner look. The artist circumvents the weight that history might represent, and suggests the possibility of a non-conventional view, open on a different reading of the world.
Born in a family of musicians, Su-Mei Tse lives between Luxembourg and Berlin. Her work explores various elements: rhythm, music, but also questions inherent to language. Her research is characterized by moments of suspension and silence and is an invitation for introspection.   

Exhibition duration: April 5 – July 15, 2017
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