09.12.2017 - 13.01.2018

Yiannis Gigas, "Leo Tolstoy, the Unbowed", 2016, egg tempera on cotton paper, 50 Χ 26 cm

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AD Gallery presents the pop-up show entitled “On a Small Scale”.

It is a widely shared idea that contemporary art is a reserved place for a small number of people. Many art lovers visit gallery shows and enjoy the intellectually and aesthetically stimulating works, very much as they would in a museum. With this exhibition, we would like to convey that contemporary art is not just the cultural property of all of our society, but that art works themselves can be accessible to a wider audience. Art works to live with.
We have thus digged into the body of works of our artists and carefully selected small pearls of contemporary art. Small not in their importance, but in their price. Contemporary art is lively, an open dialogue with society, accessible to those who strive for it. So, borrowing the title of the last Venice Biennial, we want to say: “Viva Arte Viva”.
We invite all contemporary art lovers, and especially those who think that significant contemporary art goes with big expensive works that are (more and more) the privilege of a happy few, to visit our Pop-Up show and challenge this received idea. With Christmas approaching, we hope to bring visitors to the pleasure of offering, to others and themselves, gifts from a carefully chosen collection of unique and multiple art pieces.

Participating artists: Vasso Gavaisse, Yiannis Gigas, Steven C. Harvey, Elias Kafouros, Maria Polyzoidou and Anastasis Stratakis     

Exhibition duration: December 9, 2017 – January 13, 2018
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