10.05.10 - 30.06.10

"Family nest", 2008, Lambda print on aluminum with plexiglas, 120 X 120 cm, Ed. of 3



In her fourth solo show at AD gallery Dimitra Lazaridou presents six large-scale photographs from the series "Within The Mind".

Human presence that was completely absent in her last work, is now back, occupying the centre of her pictures. Lazaridou’s photographs however, are not portraits but ‘landscapes’. Landscapes of interiors, as well as landscapes of the mind.

The photographer captures with her camera a number of people individually or by two at the most at their apartments while they are relaxing, talking on the phone, contemplating or dreaming. And while on her latest works Lazaridou was able to "exceed public space, appropriate it and turn it into private" in the works she shows here occurs somehow the opposite. The camera lens enters a strictly private space and exposes it into public.

Meanwhile, the interiors she uses are not operating simply as a decor. They identify the family or social environment and through elements such as mirrors, photographs, shadows and reflections they create a series of evocative 'pictures within the picture’ that ultimately narrate what happens inside the sealed rooms and in the minds of the people that occupy them.

As a result, even pictures of "no-action" become pictures of "action", of an esoteric one. And the works themselves comprise a confessional or at least narrative character beyond representation and expression, in a universe of moods, dreams, inner dialogues and imagination.

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