Saturday, 18 January 2014 13:48

Steve Gianakos

Pop Abstraction
Duration: 18.01 - 15.02.2014

Fredericks & Freiser
536 W 24th Street, New York


Garth Greenan Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 10th floor, New York

Fredericks & Freiser and Garth Greenan Gallery are pleased to present Pop Abstraction, a two-part group exhibition of paintings.
The exhibition defines Pop Abstraction as neither a style nor movement, but rather a shared sensibility among generations of artists, beginning during the 1960s. Artists in the exhibition embraced the visual language of Pop—bold, processed color and graphic cartoon-like iconography—without any nostalgia or consumer critique. Pop Abstraction revels in the inherently abstract nature of cartoons, comics, and advertising; however, its content remains personal and idiosyncratic. Whereas the artists in this exhibition have been aligned with various movements—Color Field, Pop, and Post-minimalism—they often stand on the periphery.  In many ways, this group of artists represents a kind of “unofficial school” of painters: influential, beloved by other artists, and willfully uncategorizable.

Participating artists: William N. Copley, Allan D'Arcangelo, Rosalyn Drexler, Paul Feeley, Steve Gianakos, Ralph Humphrey, Alfred Jensen, Nicholas Krushenick, Jonathan Lasker, Elizabeth Murray, Carl Ostendarp and John Wesley