Thursday, 13 September 2012 19:58

Jan Fabre & Maria Polyzoidou

7th song (for Maldoror)
Duration: 26.09 - 07.10.2012

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
260 Peiraos str., Athens, Greece

The exhibition 7th song (for Maldoror) is being presented on the occasion of the theatrical performance “lautréamont – maldoror: Commendation of a Metamorphosis”. If the theatrical performance suggests a certain way of reading Maldoror’s 6 songs, a text of unique value and importance, the exhibition serves as a hypothesis on the continuation of Count Lautréamont’s oeuvre. In the case of this continuation, the lyrics are formed through artistic gestures, intentions and decisions, which are realized through objects and images, works of important Greek and international artists.

The body and its image, the body and its absence are dipoles among which the works of the exhibition are moving as intentions, actions and results. The exhibition exists as a hypothetical space of a real and magical metamorphosis that usually goes unnoticed. The work of art, either as a poetic text, a sculpture, a painting, an object or a drawing is being transformed each time it is being presented and each time the viewer’s gaze touches it. From an individual and personal statement of the artist it changes to a version of reality, which seems to exist separately in every person but also in everybody together in a collective and simultaneous manner. This more mysterious metamorphosis of the artistic creation will allow the development of two questions, whose answer has greater value as an unspoken truth; who is Lautréamont and in what he wishes to transform. 

Participating artists:
Alexis Akrithakis
Christos Delidimos
Jan Fabre
Eleni Kamma
David Kennedy Cutler
Matt Mullican
Xavier Noiret-Thomé
Dora Ekonomou
Maria Polyzoidou
Joe Scanlan

Curated by: Alexios Papazacharias
Produced by: bijoux de kant